Ireland natives are ambitious, and they need money support for it. We know how to serve the ambitions, desires and requirements with affordable personal loans in Ireland. With branches all across the nation, we ensure the timely availability of funds with our speedy direct lending services.

The most significant aspect is that these are the best options if one considers quick loans on same day in Ireland. Thanks to the growing online lending, you can now avail funds within 24 hours. Isn’t it great?

What are Personal Loans?

A personal loan is an amount that a person borrows from a bank or a private lender that needs to be paid back in several monthly instalments.

It is always advisable to dip into savings or an emergency fund for unexpected expenses. However, a personal loan can be a better option for such options. In personal loans, approval comes on varied factors like repayment history, credit score, most importantly, current income status.

As far as credit score is concerned, it does not act as a restriction to your loan chances. We are happy even if you have a poor credit history. We are already among the best providers of bad credit accepted loans.

You can evaluate the personal loan by looking at the annual percentage rate, including interest rates and other applicable fees. Generally, most of the loan deals we offer are in the range of 6% to 36% APR.

What is required to get personal loans in Ireland from a private lender?

In several cases, borrowers do not get personal loans from a bank due to their decided policies that do not consider individual circumstances. Hence in such cases, they tend to consider the option of availing the finance from a private lender. As a private lender, we make your journey to a personal loan in Ireland simpler and predictable.

We can offer loans at a faster pace as compared to other traditional borrowing options at a low cost. Private lending solutions willingly offer personal loans even to applicants with a bad credit score. Hence it is preferred by most of the applicants.

With a minimum credit score requirement, private lending works differently compared to any other lender in the market.

Terms and conditions to apply for personal loans -

  • One needs to be a resident of the Republic of Ireland and over the age of 18 to avail of the personal loan from a private lender.
  • The current address should be updated in the electoral documents. In case of any gap in the information, rejection may happen.
  • One also needs to submit proof of income. Earning proof of a minimum of the last 6 months is required to prove to repay capacity.

A personal loan can be used for small house repair, business purposes, or other investment purposes. The reason is that in the case of personal loans in Ireland online, all sorts of authentication happen online. We may not contact you to confirm every small detail.

personal loan approval with low income

What should I do to get personal loans with a bad credit score?

The personal loans in Ireland for bad credit come with simple terms and conditions. Here also, your repaying capacity is the prime decision-maker.

Whatever efforts you make, direct them in this direction only. Sometimes, even those with a good credit score fail to get the loan because their income stability is currently compromised. The bank or the leading institutions do generally not approve an applicant with a poor credit score.

Most private lenders offer loans to applicants with bad credit. However, this approval comes with a bit higher interest than the regular one. There are certain ways through which one can improve the chances of getting a personal loan through private lenders.

  • Check your credit – Most of the private lenders set the minimum requirement for credit score for loan approval. We do the same. Hence an applicant with the lowest score than the minimum may get rejected. Hence it is beneficial to check the credit score in advance to understand the possibility of getting a loan. Several online websites help you to check your credit score online in a few minutes. One can find various errors in credit reports after fixing which the score can get improved.
  • Get a pre-qualified offer- Getting a pre-qualified loan offer can help to understand the total loan amount, rate of interest, and repayment terms that you can get. It can be beneficial to determine whether one gets qualified for a loan and wishes to compare the multiple loan offers. We provide you with pre-qualified offers and offer complete knowledge about how much you can afford to borrow. But as we always say, the final decision is always on your personal finances and employment circumstances.
  • Calculate on calculator – Our personal loan calculator will give you an insight into the monthly and total cost. You can calculate and can plan your application efforts accordingly. To get a desired deal and repayment plan, it becomes possible to work on your personal finances. With our calculator, you can calculate interest rate, instalments, and tenure and clearly understand how the cost factor will work. Get in touch with our team, and we can guide you better in case of any doubt.
  • Add an income source – An additional income source is always the best way to qualify for funds with poor performance in credit scores. As the whole game works on your current repaying capacity, the current income status is stronger and has brighter approval chances. Not only the approval chances, but you can also avail the desired amount. Any sort of extra earning such as freelancing, part-time, any side hustle can considerably change your conditions as a borrower.

Do I need to provide a guarantor or collateral if I have a low income?

The answer is no. You always get unsecured personal loans in Ireland, and there is no condition of the guarantor. Instead, one can focus on proving the strong repayment capacity. If you have a low income and wish to get the loan without collateral, it is important to show a good repayment history. A good credit score plays a huge role in fetching a good offer. Make sure to build the same to get faster approvals and better rates. It is also known as the credit building process. It can be done in the following ways:

personal loans

How are personal loans beneficial than credit cards?

Personal loans and Credit Card both offer a way to borrow the money and same standard credit provisions. One can find a specified interest rate and a monthly payment, including the rate of interest in both personal loan and credit card agreement. But there are a few key differences that one can find in credit cards and personal loans. Here is the comparison:

Personal Loan

  • It is an instalment loan
  • Lenders can offer lower interest rates
  • Small monthly payment
  • No prepayment fee is applicable
  • Best for one-time expenses

Credit card

  • It is an expensive revolving credit
  • Comes with higher interest along with a penalty
  • Pay a minimum monthly amount, but it makes future instalments hefty
  • Prepayment without a fee is possible, but it is normally hefty due to the higher total cost.
  • Best for recurring expenses but makes people spendthrift

Personal loans are special because they help you in every common and recurring financial need. At QuickIrishLoans, we ensure that you get the best possible solution for all your little but important financial requirements. From instant lending decisions to sending money faster, we make everything possible for you. The only condition of a strong repaying capacity can win you immediate approval and can help you find the desirable respite.


How soon can I get personal loans?

If your current income status and the income-outgoing ratio are satisfactory, you will receive funds in a maximum of 24 hours and a minimum of 4 hours.

What if I am a care leaver student?

Nothing can stop you from availing of funds as long as you can prove that you can pay the instalments through a regular income.

What is the idol income-outgoing ratio to get instant approval on personal loans?

Generally, 60:40 (60% income and 40% expenses) is the idol ratio, but in poor credit people, we can consider 50:50, but they should not have multiple pending debts.

I am unemployed and need funds. Can I get a personal loan?

Yes, you can get funds, but only in case of any source of regular earning.

How many times can I apply for a personal loan?

You can apply to us every two months if you have a good repayments history. Otherwise, in case of one missed and delayed payment, you can apply within 6 months.