Small loans in Ireland with big capacity to solve your money mess

At the time of an emergency need, the availability of money depends more than the size of the amount. The small loans in Ireland that serve your daily, tiny needs are the specialists of seen as well as unforeseen financial needs.

Whether it is a last-minute requirement for money or a planned expense, you can always find the loans providing you with an escape window. QuickIrishLoans lender offers small amounts with affordable repayments through customised deals.

There should be no wonder why we are among the most responsible lenders offering small personal loans in Ireland. You will have more with us what you have expected.

What are small loans?

There is no exact definition or an amount specified for small loans. But generally, any loan opted from the lender starting from €500 or €1000 is considered a small loan. This type of loan is also considered a personal loan or emergency loans in Ireland that can be taken to cover any emergency need. Home repairs, medical bills, educational requirements are etc., can be supported conveniently from the loan amount.

Some people also look for small loans for debt consolidation purposes. Due to the smaller amount, it is easy to get qualified for funds. The repayment structure is also easy and hassle-free. You can always contact us to make any change in the repayment date. As long as the concern of the borrower is rational, we can alter the plan. However, a borrower cannot change the repayment schedule more than twice in tenure.

You do not need to place collateral as well, as these funding sources fall into the category of unsecured personal loans in Ireland. It means these are risk-free loans for the aspirants.

Before going below to know all features of our financial support, we want to inform you that we also offer small loans for unemployed in Ireland. Approval may come on part-time income or receiving benefits.

What do I need to get small loans in Ireland?

Every private lender follows a different process for a small loan in Ireland. But the overall concept remains the same. Generally, most private lenders ask for basic information about the borrower, including name, address, and other required details.

Here one also needs to furnish any of the government-issued identity cards as a part of the procedure. Generally, lenders first run the credit check to check the borrower's eligibility and then determine the loan offer. One needs to fulfil the basic eligibility to apply for a small loan.

  • Salary or earning proof for last 6 months
  • The applicant should be eligible to vote
  • The applicant should have the ability to afford the loan
  • The applicant should have an active debit card account.

Once you get acceptance on instant cash loans Ireland for a limited or approved amount, we make a flexible repayment plan. If you face issues with repayment at any time, then you contact them. We work on customised repayment solutions, and all of our existing and previous borrowers are satisfied with the instalment we worked out for them. You will have the same solution. Eligibility check takes only a few minutes, and we generate the lending decision for small loans in 10 minutes. The process is mobile-friendly as well as can also be done on various devices.

small loans in Ireland

Why should I Consider You as My Private Lender for Small loans in Ireland?

Small loans are the best option for short-term and urgent cash needs. There are various places to avail the small loans in Ireland, but most borrowers prefer private lending for this purpose. Private lending tends to offer a good amount of loans within a short period. Have a look below, and you can see that we are much more flexible than other lenders such as quickquid payday loan Ireland and other lenders.

With the option of small loans, one can easily borrow anything between €1000 and €15000 depending upon the requirement. If the borrower has a good repayment record and shows regular payments for the previous or other existing loans, the amount may get higher. Lenders generally conduct credit checks during the decision-making process.

  • No admission fees required

    Most of the private lenders do not charge any kind of admission fees to disburse the small loan. As an applicant, one does not need to pay any applicable fees as well. It reduces the total cost of a loan and fits into your financial capacity, and the borrowers can apply frequently.

  • No Hidden charges

    Most banks and finance companies charge additional charges, which applicants get to know post loan application. For short-term loans in Ireland, one does not need to pay hidden charges while applying through a private lender. Transparency is vital here.

  • Fast and secured method

    Herewith, private finance lenders can easily apply through online forms. They generally ask to fill out the required details and attached the documents along with it. 100% paperless process and instant approval decision ensure speedy and convenient funding.

  • A bad credit score is OK

    If the applicant has a poor credit score, it is not an issue. Private lenders work on a rational approach and do not follow any traditional or stringent lending policy. If current repaying capacity is good, credit score performance can be overlooked.

How can I get small loans in Ireland with a bad credit rating?

Credit rating is a significant factor in deciding whether to offer a loan to the borrower or not, but it is not the only factor. But it is a fact that a credit score is essential for us to decide how much to offer to you. To ensure that you get the desired amount and receive a smooth approval, follow the following terms and conditions.

  • Go through a soft or hard credit check - A credit check is conducted for all the applications to know about your financial behaviour. Every short-term loan in Ireland has the same process. However, no credit check is also available, but either on the applicant's demand or for those with improved recent financial behaviour.
  • Improve credit score performance - The other alternative is to focus on improving the credit score. There will be better chances in the future for loan applications. After all, your personal finances are the most prominent decision-maker because we as a lender get our instalments from the borrower, and we need to check it constantly.
  • Do not take the risk of multiple applications - You can get loans with lower interest rates if you do not make multiple applications to many lenders simultaneously. Having many search footprints on your credit record is not good for your approval chances. It is against the rules of the lending industry, and we cannot break them.

Do you provide loans to retired applicants?

Indeed, we provide all types of applicants whether they are salaried or self-employed or retired. As we always mention, our prime concern is your repaying capacity. Retired people always have some sort of source of income. Whether it is a big or small source of income, but generally, an arrangement is always there. Even if you are living on benefits, we are ready to lend you. Only show your capacity to make timely repayments and get timely approval.

QuickIrishLoans lender is a specialist in small emergency loans in Ireland and we are happy that we have served to countless financial concerns of our borrowers. Our emergence in the industry had only one aim: the creation of people's financial well-being. Through fast loans, we ensure that well-being. If you are also looking for financial respite from a money mess, apply now or contact us to take your first step towards peace of mind.


What is the maximum tenure for small loans in Ireland?

That depends on your eligibility usually. However, it is 36 months, and most borrowers qualify for it.

I am your existing borrower and want to extend my repayment tenure from 12 months to 18 months. Is that possible?

Oh yes, indeed, it is possible, and we just need to look at your personal finances to design a new repayment schedule.

What If I lose my job and need some break from repayments?

You can apply for a payment holiday, but only for loan deals above 6 months. For more details, you can contact us anytime.

I need a small loan for a medical cause as well as for my education. Do I need to apply separately?

Not at all. Small loans are available for multiple purposes. You do not need to apply for different purposes differently. Borrow money and use the money for more than one purpose.

How soon can I get funds in my bank account?

Within 24 hours, funds get transferred to your bank account as small loans are designed to serve instant needs for instant reasons.