Quick loans in Ireland let you fetch money at the quickest

Unexpected payments can perplex you at any time. It can be a small need that you must fulfill at the earliest. Having no cash at that moment can be alarming. Nevertheless, you can handle the situation with quick loans in Ireland.

As a direct lender, QuickIrishLoans will act as an interconnecting link between you and these loans. You can forget about the traditional approach when you are with us. We aim to ensure the process does not take too long to deliver the money.

You don't have to go through tiresome procedures to get quick loans. Our lending strategies look forward to safeguarding the interest of borrowers like you. We came into existence to solve your urgent financial needs.

The crucial takeaways you can expect from this reliable lending source are:

  • Personalised offers

  • Provision for small loans in Ireland

  • Fair lending practices

  • High acceptance chances

  • Money in a flash

Here, you can get loans when you need them the most. Bid adieu to your cash worries by grabbing the most fitted loan offer.

quick loans in Ireland

What is it like to get a cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland?

If you wish to get personal cash loans, you are at the right place. Utilize this opportunity to arrange money on the spot when dealing with an emergency. Treat this untimely need with speedy loans and eliminate anxieties from your life.

A cash loan in 1 hour in Ireland enables you to get money in your checking accounts without any layovers. We will shape up the repayment plan keeping your limitations in mind. Our outlook is entirely different from mainstream lenders.

We want our terms and conditions to be flexible. Our lending approach provides enough breathing space to the borrower. Looking at the loan package, you will get an idea about our exclusive features. Check if our offering matches your expectation.

What do we facilitate? What do you get?
Suitable loan range € 1000 to € 7000
Stretchable repayment term 6 to 60 months
Interest rates As realistic as possible

We are one of those loan agencies in Ireland that go out of the way to let you qualify with easy conditions. You can share your requirements and budget to get the best offers.

Are these loans similar to payday loans in Ireland?

You need help to think of availing the facility of payday loans. We have made a separate arrangement that can suffice your immediate needs. Make the most out of our loans to avoid tricky financial situations.

Some similarities between these loans and instant loans are easy to spot. They help you control any uninvited expenses. However, both are entirely different in terms of execution.

Payday Loans Quick Loans
These loans carry a high rate of interest Pocket-friendly rates are possible
The jobless person will find it difficult to apply for these loans These loans in Ireland are available for unemployed people and also
Some assurance in the form of a post-dated check is required No collateral and guarantor is demanded for these loans
You must repay within the strict duration You can repay conveniently by spreading the cost over a flexible duration
You must have access to a bank account Having an account is not mandatory

With this representation, we have pointed out how you can make the best decision. Pay attention to these discussed points to find a suitable alternative solution to your problem.

How are online loans in Ireland beneficial?

QuickIrishLoans focuses on improving possibilities for borrowers in every possible way. We perform our lending responsibilities seriously. For this, we always look forward to maximising what we offer as our services.

For you, it is possible to get a loan online in Ireland. Pre-conditions demanded in case of these to qualify are quite flexible. Borrowing will no more cause any compulsion for borrowers like you. Not just that, we hope to help you in manifold ways by offering benefits like:

  • Any time funding

    You can approach us for 24-hour loans in Ireland. You don’t have to wait for days. It will be a matter of a few hours to avail money. Take advantage of this facility to beat the heat of unforeseen needs.

  • Soft credit search

    We don't discriminate against borrowers based on credit scores. You need to have a stable financial stature in recent times. It will prove your affordability.

    We will conduct soft checks to validate if you can pay for the amount you will borrow. It is like a mild examination of your financial history. The best part is that it will leave no imprints on your credit profile.

online loans in Ireland
  • No obligation for the security

    Assets as security are not demanded in the case of these loans. We want you to ideate it as an opportunity and not an obligation. In short, applications are open even for someone who cannot pledge collateral.

  • Online application procedure

    In-person presence is optional in case if you are opting for online loans. You need to authenticate your presence via the online platform. Unlike traditional processes, here we will accept an online application for your loan need.

  • Odds of credit recovery

    You can seek assistance from our loans to pay bills on time. Further, reap benefits by repaying the loan debt on time. Remember, this type of financial activity carry weight when it comes to gaining an edge. It helps improve credit scores.

Are urgent loans in Ireland available for all credit scores?

Despite being a common problem, bad credit scores trouble borrowers like you. It can come in the way of getting a nod of approval from any lender. You face a loan refusal when emergencies cannot wait.

We like to offer you a diverse solution to this problem. Cash loans for bad credit in Ireland are one of our loan products. It does not need you to carry stellar credit scores.

Our take on poor credit is different from other lenders. It is because we are well aware of the root cause of this problem. We want to support you in rectifying your scores. It is possible if we provide some alternatives like urgent loans to you.

Meanwhile, we expect you to control some behavior that can ignite the possibility of poor credit rating. Here are TWO vital suggestions for you:

  • Don’t approach multiple lenders for loans

    When you request a loan, the lender conducts a hard check. It leaves a negative impression on your credit profile.

  • Don’t exceed your affording limit

    Stop yourself from borrowing more. You will have to pay for it. If you fail to make the payment, it will be fatal for your financial condition.

Can I get quick loans on the same day in Ireland?

Of course, we have made provision for an on-spot loan transfer facility. You can have quick cash loans with a bank account in just a few minutes of approval. The online process streamlines steps for fast approval.

Therefore, you can get easy loans in Ireland without submitting hard-copy documents. The steps to the application are short and take less time to complete. We won't mention any time restriction stating when you should apply.

You can get in touch with us by:

  • Paying a visit to our website
  • Sending us a text
  • Calling us via phone

Is it possible to get quick loans with no guarantor?

Yes, it is doable if you apply for these short-term loans in Ireland. We have removed this condition, as it is a reason for your anxiety. These loans are easy to manage if you are smart enough.

We don't feel the need for such assurance while offering quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor as we pay attention to other factors like:

  • Income: According to us, the applicant must have a valid source of income. It will make sure about repayment. We consider it as one of the decisive factors of approval.
  • Affordability: We validate affordability to analyze the possibility of repayment. If your present financial condition reflects a positive story, you have a fair chance of getting accepted.
  • Credit improvement: Our optimistic viewpoint allows borrowers who show signs of credit improvement. Your serious attempts to rectify the financial behavior are a positive sign for us to issue loans.

Is the Option of Doorstep Loans Accessible Here?

With us, it does not matter if you are a bank account holder or not. You get the option of doorstep loans in Ireland. Here, you will directly receive the loan amount at your doorsteps.

We have offered flexibility wherever possible. Such a facility intends to cover the requirements of those who hesitate to apply for loans without a bank account. Take pleasure in the doorstep delivery of loans to settle any urgent cash problem.

You can obtain financial help at your home as emergency loans in Ireland. The process is simple and comprises easy steps, which are:

Communication with an agent: When you send the loan request, a loan agent will visit your place. You will have to discuss your loan requisites with that person.

Formalities: The agent will make the proposal based on your preference and needs. You will have to review it before giving your consent.

Agreement handover: Once you agree, that agent will ask you to sign the agreement. You will have to wait for some time for final processing upon completion.

Delivery of money: After successful approval, the same agent will come to your place. That person will give away the loan money.

Money collection: On the due date of repayment, an agent will visit your home. This time, the purpose would be to collect money for repayment.

Will these fast loans serve my purpose?

We offer loans in Ireland, keeping different purposes in mind. We know borrowers can have a variety of requirements. Having a single option will not be helpful for the borrowers.

Besides, we do not interfere in any decision of the borrower. It lets them use money accordingly and in the following ways:

  • For car: You can use our loans for car finance purposes in Ireland. These loans offer you limitless scope. You will have to utilize it in smart ways.
  • For urgent payments: You can apply for quick cash loans to pay off medical bills or school or college fees of the ward. These are urgent expenses, and delaying them can be dangerous.

Why choose us among the money lenders in Ireland?

You must have noticed our lenient way of lending. QuickIrishLoans work with a different ideology. We want to reach out to as many people as possible with money loans in Ireland.

We don’t claim anything. All we want to help borrowers survive the extreme financial situation with our services like:

  • Fair practices: As genuine money lenders, we make sure to maintain two-way communication. There, the borrower has every right to question us regarding anything.
  • Round-the-clock availability: We know how borrowers dislike waiting when there is urgency. For this reason, we have kept our services open round the clock.
  • Safety: We promise to provide a safe interface. It allows the borrower to share any confidential information without any second thought.
  • Equality: We always accept a loan offer by validating all grounds carefully. We give utmost importance to the situation than incompetency.


Is it unsafe to apply for small loans in Ireland?

No, these loans are safe to use. If you are careful in your approach, there is nothing to worry about. Since you can avail of this loan immediately, it does not mean you must have some doubts. This swift availability facility is to make your life trouble-free.

Do I have to go through a hefty application procedure?

No, it is a three-step application process. You can start the application by being online only. Follow the steps:

  • Fetch the online form
  • Enter details and review
  • Submit

It does not include any documentation part. You have to put in vital personal details. Moreover, you can send out the request from the comfort of your home.

What will happen if I fail to pay back loans on time?

It is not suitable for us and you also. We will have to levy late fees when you don’t repay on time. Besides, the interest rate will start to accrue. The overall cost will amplify when the loan payment gets delayed.

Do you charge extra for pre-paying loans?

No, we don't impose pre-payment charges if you wish to repay loans early. We consider it a good practice. It is because you can get rid of debts before time. You can even invest the money for some other purpose.

Is it possible to get loans without revealing your credit history?

Yes, we don't need your credit scores to judge you. We pay attention to your financial stability. We confirm your ability by reviewing your recent bill payments. These are adequate to help us decide whether you can afford loan payments.