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Your circumstances of money crisis can become less stressful with timely financial help obtained through Quick Loans. QuickIrishLoans lender provides instant financial support across Ireland through a smart and new-age application procedure that approves applicants on the latest repaying capacity. With no location bias, we can lend you a hand of help in any urban, rural or remote location. The paperless process gives us the strength to offer convenient deals on quick online loans in Ireland without any geographical constraint.

Whether you are living in Galway, Belfast, Dublin, Limerick, Waterford or any other city, you have same benefits of these small loans in Ireland. We follow 100% online procedure that ensures quick approval and same day fund disbursal.


Quick loans in Ireland are always in demand due to their capacity to provide instant funds and also due to multiple features. Read them here and understand more about the nature of these small yet helpful loan options.

You never know at what time financial emergency crops up and present a lot of problems. In such situation, getting immediate funding becomes a necessity. It is where our short-term loans prove their significance.

  • Approval decision not a slave to credit score status

    That is true. The new age online loan solutions do not have the conservative approach of giving approval decisions based on credit rating only. The current income status is more important than credit history. It is the reason that you can also get quick loans with bad credit without any additional cost.

  • Assured money transfer in 24 hours

    Quick loans act according to their name, and within 24 hours of approval to the fund seeker, money gets transferred to his/her bank account. Most of our borrowers consider this loan option as their last-minute saviour. The simple and predictable process assures them timely financial respite.

quick loans
  • Get a loan for any purpose without mention

    The loans have multiple uses because the borrower can use the obtained money for any reason. We do not ask the cause of your application. Pay urgent medical bills, fund a sudden trip to another city, support urgent house repair. In fact, proven results are there showing utility of these fast loans for unemployed in Ireland. Whatever is your reason or wish, we never ask a question about it.

  • Customised interest rates and repayment plans

    Personalised pricing is the major character of quick 24 hour loans in Ireland, as they are destined to offer affordable deals. When you apply, we check your personal finances and provide reasonable interest rates. The monthly instalments are always according to your repaying capacity. At the same time, you get the loan amount you are eligible for.

How can I apply for quick loans in Ireland?

You can apply through simple formalities and submission of some basic financial and personal details. Have a look at the following points, and you will get to know that it is uncomplicated to apply for the funds for urgent loans in Ireland.

  • Earning proof of last 6 months- To prove to repaying capacity, we need to take a look at your monthly earning capacity. A salary slip or any sort of income proof from the employer is required. In the case of self-employed applicants, business accounts of the same duration are necessary.

  • Bank statement of the same duration – As we check for recent financial behaviour, a 6-month duration is an idol. A bank statement reveals income and the capacity of a borrower to pay other bills and how long money stays in the account after all the expenses are paid.

  • A small amount should be saved - Normally, it is not a significant condition, but yes, we want to see a minimum saving of at least €250 in your bank account. If you really want to get a smoother approval on instant 24 hour loans, keep this tiny amount in your bank account while applying.

  • You should be on electoral records – For the authentication of the fund seekers as citizens of Ireland, we need to accept only the applicants with names in the governing records. Electoral documents are the best source to justify your presence in the nation.

Do I need a guarantor for quick loans if I have a bad credit score?

All the instant loans in Ireland come with no obligatory condition of the guarantor, even if the applicant has a poor credit score. But as sometimes an applicant fails to qualify for the desired loan amount, we allow the flexibility to bring a guarantor. Once again, it is never a compulsion but only the wish of the borrower. If you still have any sort of doubt, contact us and our customer care executives will explain everything.

If you can pay off a loan despite a bad credit score, it is always possible to get speedy quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor without any hassle and hustle. Also, it is essential to mention that there is no additional cost included in the application process due to your low score. After all, instant funding aims to offer timely support for emergency needs and unforeseen financial requirements. It will be irrational if we waste your time with any sort of old trend approach.

What makes you different from the other lenders?

Your satisfaction is most essential for us, and it is why we have a set of lending features. To make your borrowing journey convenient, we ensure that our quick cash loans in Ireland get the company of some facilities. In complete harmony with the lending rules of the industry, we create windows to offer comfort to the fund seekers.


  • Suitable Loaning Terms with personalised rates and repayments
  • No credit evaluation for the first time and bad credit borrowers
  • Quick cash irrespective of credit score and employment status
  • A high approval rate of 99% ensures certainty on approval chances.

What if I want to apply for quick loans with a small income?

As the quick cash loans in Ireland are short-term, there is no stringent policy on the part of income size. Yes, we need a strong repaying capacity, but that does not mean you cannot apply with a bit of income. The most important thing is the income-outgoing ratio. If your expenses do not dominate income and your creditworthiness can encapsulated our loan instalment, it is fine to apply without a high monthly income. However, the consistency of earning is always significant.

  • Keep the recent financial behaviour good.
  • Small income is fine if it is consistent
  • Timely paid bills leave a good impression
  • Apply for a loan amount you can afford

Low income is never a constraint as long as you can make the repayments and also have paid your recent monthly bills and debts at the right time. Most important is the financial strength of the applicant to afford a loan without any failure chances in the coming days. Direct lending is flexible and gives all the borrowers a fair and rational chance based on your discipline in personal finances.

Are you also searching for quick loans the same day in Ireland? Then, it is the right and reliable platform to borrow funds for any of your small and urgent money requirements. Provide the essential details about your personal finances and complete the simple application process. We have served millions of fund seekers, and we are ready to serve you as well. Perhaps better authentication of our commitments made here is possible only if you go through a real-life experience with us as a borrower. Apply Now for any of your needs, and we are right here with customised loan offers.


Will I get funds within 24 hours despite a bad credit score?

Yes, you will. Anyone with the efficiency to bear the loan repayments will receive the funds the same day because those who cannot get loan approval. It is not us who say this but the lending rules made by the authorities.

How much penalty I need to pay if I miss a repayment on an instant loan in Ireland?

We do not charge anything up to two delayed payments, even for the missed repayments. But we want our borrowers to inform us about their financial condition in case of any issue. In that case, we can change the repayment plan to match their latest money circumstances.

Are our quick loans different from payday loans?

Yes, the latter is higher in rates as compared to quick loans. Also, payday loan instalments usually are paid on your salary day that is payday.

I want to get funds faster. Should I apply to many lenders?

Multiple applications to many lenders simultaneously give search footprints, and in that case, rejection chances occur. At a time, apply to only one lender.

How often can I apply for quick cash loans online in Ireland?

Rationally you can apply every two months, depending on your repayment history. Your timely paid instalments and stable finances should make you able to apply quite frequently.