Short-term loans are always in more demand as the small money needs are not occasional. They emerge anytime and present difficult circumstances that are not managed on time. The no guarantor loans with affordable rates and repayments help you support such conditions. QuickIrishLoans lender is a direct lender that offers these loans with affordable interest rates and repayment plans.

We are committed to bring financial help as soon as possible. For this, we have kept our loan procedure totally online where minimum documentation is needed with no need of many documents. Simply submit a one-page online application form and desired funds will be into your bank account within a few minutes.

You now understand how crucial is availing of these urgent loans in Ireland when no guarantor is there to back you.

What are No Guarantor Loans?

A no guarantor loan is a financial solution given to the fund seekers without any guarantor. Nowadays, most private lenders offer no guarantor loans in Ireland on simpler terms and conditions. The application process and money transfer are 100% paperless, and everything happens online. Borrowers get customised deals, and that is why the monthly instalments are small.

These are also regarded as quick loans in Ireland where no guarantor seems important. Thus, you can save your time and be eligible to get funds instantly.

How to get No Guarantor loans with bad credit scores?

No guarantor loans are known as the specific types of short-term loans. They are structured for people who are unable to present the guarantor to get a loan. This type of loan is also beneficial for individuals with bad credit. In the past, it was difficult for most lenders to offer loans to borrowers with bad credit. But now, the lending industry follows new age methods. Private lending offers no guarantor loans for bad credit people without any additional cost. We do that same, go through some of your financial statistics on current repaying capacity with bad credit.

Here are some of the conditions you need to follow to get funds with a poor credit situation.

  • Strong income status in current times: It is very important to work on the current financial or income status while improving overall financial behaviour. Hence make sure to show a good income status while applying for loans for bad credit without a guarantor. The consistency of income is always essential, and without that, it is impossible to get approval. After pandemic conditions, we can allow the people with consistent income from last months if a fund seeker was unemployed before that.
  • Show additional income source (OPTIONAL): Yes, it is an optional point, but it is a valuable suggestion we provide to our customers. It can be simpler for those with a poor credit situation to get approval and a bigger loan amount with an extra income. Any sort of side hustle, rental income, and freelance work earning can help a borrower prove financial strength strongly. Financial mistakes of delayed and missed payments can be improved with time. If you can add the factor of extra earning, it can help you a lot.
what you need to apply- no guarantor loans
  • Timely paid recent bills and debts : Another factor that can help you get a no guarantor loan with bad credit is to show the repayment record. Here one needs to show the repayment statement of the last 6 months that shows the timely payment for bills as well as for debts. Clearing the recent debts or pending credit card bills can also help in a great way to make you eligible for getting No Guarantor loans. This can also help in improving the credit score. Your financial efficiency is essential for us.
  • Career stability is an essential factor: Private lenders that offer No guarantor loans need assurance for repayment. Here they are not considering the credit score to check the creditworthiness due to bad credit. Hence one needs to show proof for career stability. It is advised to stay in the same job for a longer time to avail such benefits. You may have a good credit score, but if there is no career stability, we may have constraints of lending rules. A better situation is to stay in the same job for a long time.

For What benefits I should Consider No Guarantor loans?

One of the significant advantages of No Guarantor Loans is the easy application process. One can apply from anywhere through an app or a website. Here, the lenders secure all the confidential details and never share them with any third party. One can also avail of this loan with poor credit history and make the repayment according to your payday schedule. These are short term loans, and hence it allows one to keep up with other financial commitments as well. There are several advantages one can get through No Guarantor loans. Here are a few:

  • Your purpose, your decision : Unlike other specific loans, Guarantor Loans can be utilised for any purpose. It can be used in multiple ways. One can use it either for consolidating the existing debts or for midterm home improvement purposes. This loan can be used for anything that comes to your mind. There is no cap or particular limitation of an amount to be utilised.
  • No collateral required : As the name says, this loan does not require any guarantor or any type of collateral. Here the lender generally checks your credit history as well as current repayment affordability. No guarantor loan is also available for individuals with poor credit history if they fit into other terms. Hence it is undoubtedly the best option to avail the finance in an easy way.
  • Easy repayment modes : No guarantor loans can be in sync with one’s monetary requirements due to easy repayment modules and various funds to choose from. You can opt for any time frame ranging between 6 to 10 years, depending upon the amount. The amount of loan can go up to 10000 pounds. Hence this is considered a good package for all your financial concerns and needs.

What is the maximum loan amount and tenure for no guarantor loans?

The amount of loan one can borrow through a private lender under the no guarantor option depends upon various factors. Generally, private lenders consider the current income, credit score and current debt while approving a certain amount of loan since there is no security or guarantor involved. No guarantor loans can allow you to borrow up to 10000 pounds, according to the application. The duration could be anywhere between 3 months to 5 years, depending upon the total loan amount. The amount can be lesser in the case of borrowers with poor credit history.

What is the application process for no guarantor loans?

The application process for no guarantor loans is more accessible than the traditional application methods. The direct lending platform makes things simpler and predictable for the borrowers. You can complete the process in a few minutes and on any device, whether laptop, mobile, computer etc.

  • Complete the online application form. In this form, you need to specify the amount you wish to borrow and the repayment duration. Apart from this one also needs to mention other personal as well as bank details.
  • Post the application, the applicant immediately gets intimation whether it has been accepted or not. We review applications quickly and provide an instant decision on your application. It does not take more than 10 minutes.
  • Once the check is done, a notification asks you to allow money transfer. For this, you need a verified bank account that receives your earnings regularly. That can be proved through bank statements we take.
  • If you wish to proceed further, the amount gets transferred into the bank account in 24 hours. Do not forget. It is the maximum time because you can always receive the money before this last limit of time.

No Guarantor loan can be a great option if one is looking for financial assistance without any hassles, especially in poor credit history. One can easily say NO to a money crisis with the loan deals available on the internet. The applicants have the freedom to apply at a suitable time. QuickIrishLoans lender is your one-stop solution for all sorts of tiny, short-lived financial needs. Contact Us or Apply Now and get your funds and remove all financial worries.


Can I get no guarantor loans if I am unemployed?

Yes, you can. If you have any regular source of income, you can apply and get approved despite having no job. During pandemic and lockdown, we landed many such people.

How long does it take to get no guarantor loans with bad credit score performance?

No one has to wait for a long time just because of a poor credit score. The maximum time is 24 hours, and it is the application for all borrowers with good and bad credit scores.

How Can I get a big loan amount?

There is no magic or trick behind it. The stronger is your repaying capacity, the bigger can be the loan amount.

I am a student; can I get loans without a guarantor?

Of course, you can. Anyone with a minimum age limit of 18 years can get funds, whether it is a student or a new young salaried person. No guarantor loans have a vast beneficiary bucket, and all fund seekers can fit their financial needs in it.

What do I need to get funds faster?

Apply for a loan amount that you can afford because it prevents complications and delay of affordability check.