Car Finance Solutions at a Cost You Can ALWAYS Afford

QuickIrishLoans lender is a rational yet affordable provider of car finance in Ireland. We know the core of the market conditions and can ensure a suitable and practical solution to help purchase your four-wheeler. On a simple condition of repaying capacity, we can approve your money. Just a few factors to prove your financial stability are sufficient for us to calculate your creditworthiness.

What is the meaning of car finance?

Car finance is also known as auto finance, which helps people acquire a car other than a single lumpsum payment. It is about taking out a car loan that you pay over time. Here a financial institution lends you money to buy the car. In exchange for that, one needs to pay specific interest and other fees.

Car finance options are available through various banks, private lenders, and other finance companies. The annual percentage rate is considered as the vital factor in the case of car finance. It generally affects how much amount of money one ends up paying for the car. One can avail finance for new as well as for used cars. Applying for a car loan is considered an easy and hassle-free process.

One can submit the car application online in a few easy steps.

How can I start working on car finance in Ireland work?

The conditions are simple, but you should pay heed to them here because they may be familiar but open the door to money for your vehicle purchase. To have an uncompromised chance to get funds, you should know the conditions required to get funds.

  • The first step to avail car finance is to decide the model of the car because the funding process works accordingly.
  • Once done, one can proceed with the car finance application. There are a few factors, which one needs to consider while applying for a loan.
  • Talking about eligibility, the applicant should be 21 years and above. An income source is always a vital thing to have.
  • One needs to furnish several documents such as a signed finance agreement, recent payslip, Car insurance details, etc.
  • A bank account is also required to accept the direct debits from the lender.
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What are the benefits of varied car finance options?

We understand that buying a car can be an expensive matter. There are several car finances options available in Ireland. Here are the details.

Personal Contract Plan

Personal Contract Plan is also known as PCP. It is considered as the effective lease that effectively covers the final bubble payment. Hence one can hand back the car and end the contract to become debt-free.

  • Apart from this, if you have saved enough for a long time, you can make the final payment to keep the car.
  • This is known as the best way to cut down the cost while availing the car finance.
  • Under Personal Contract Plan finance, the Guaranteed Future Value is determined at the initial stage.
  • Some specific terms and conditions come with a Personal Contract Plan.
  • Make sure to read all the terms carefully as there may be stipulations for vehicle condition or maintenance.

Hire Purchase Plan

Hire Purchase is considered the best way to buy a car. It gives more freedom to a buyer. Most of the car dealers and owners tend to get pre-agreed for Hire Purchase packages with certain lenders. We are one of them with the best deals.

  • The only drawback of this option is higher monthly payments, as one won’t be able to leave the bubble payment dangling at the end.
  • Hence in some cases, there might be a need for a higher deposit depending upon the plan.
  • One needs to pay the remaining balance amount if wishes to sell the car.
  • Here the lender can charge a specific fee for pre-closure of the plan.

Car loan

Car loans are already familiar to most people in nature. It is the most traditional way to get funds for a car purchase. We have the best deals in Ireland, whether it is car finance in cork, Galway or Waterford. You can be sure about a satisfying offer.

  • You have an interest rate, monthly instalments and a decided duration to pay off funds.
  • Your eligibility to borrow a certain amount depends on your capacity to pay the instalments.
  • It is considered the most popular option for businesses that wish to lease several vehicles.
  • In a car loan, you can also change your repayment plans during the tenure in case of any issue.
  • Until you pay off the complete loan, the actual car ownership remains with us as a security.

How can I get car finance with no deposit?

Nowadays, several lenders offer car finance with no deposit. Here one does not need to pay any upfront amount to get a car. In fact, for poor credit people, we have bad credit car finance with no deposit and no credit check. Here also, the process and the formalities are not complicated.

  • All you need to do is simply apply for the finance, get approval and pick up the car.
  • There is no limit on how much one can get with no deposit car finance.
  • This option is available with Personal Contract Purchase and Hire Purchase.
  • Here one needs to show the affordability to pay the monthly payments.
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Do you provide used car finance in Ireland?

Yes, we provide used car finance in Ireland but particular on several terms and conditions that we believe you can fulfil easily. Here are all of them, have a look and apply now for a profitable deal. The used car finance has no guarantor requirement. You should know this.

  • The current condition of the car should be satisfactory, which means it should be in working condition.
  • We even have bad credit used car loans with no credit check if you can prove to repay capacity.
  • We arrange a car inspection visit to authenticate all the commitments about the car by the seller.
  • The rest of the rules about the strong repaying capacity remain the same, and you know them already.

How can I take car finance with a bad credit score?

Any score below 670 is considered a bad credit score. The car finance with bad credit on the instant decision in Ireland is available on specific terms and conditions. Hence one may not get elected for car finance. Here are several ways applicable in the case of car finance, even with bad credit.

Improve the credit

  • Credit is the first thing that one needs to work on to avail the car finance quickly.
  • It can be done in several ways, such as reducing the debt, paying bills on time, etc.
  • You can check your credit score well in advance through various online tools.
  • Generally, lenders offer loans with higher interest to applicants with poor credit.
  • Improving the credit can help to get car finance on better terms.

Gather a big deposit

  • The more amount you put as a down payment while buying a car, the lesser the struggle to get bad credit car finance in Ireland.
  • Making a larger down payment also reduces the risk of a lender. Hence one can easily get a loan with the lowest interest rate and save money.

Get pre-approved loan

  • With a pre-approved loan offer lender goes through your credit and informs you about the possible loan amount.
  • Here one gets an idea about the overall loan amount he or she can avail through the respective lender.
  • It is always better to get the pre-approved loan letter to negotiate on a good purchase price.

I am unemployed but need car finance – Will that be possible?

Here you need to be very practical and rational as unemployment is a different financial condition. At the same time, it is not impossible to say that you can get car finance. It all depends on your personal financial circumstances. As we always mention, your efficiency to pay back funds is the prime decision-maker. We understand your desperate needs. As every year, we get applications for the guaranteed car finance for the unemployed in Ireland. We will reveal the chances of approval here, and you can then match your circumstances. To be positive, we have funded some of the borrowers with no job in the current situation.

  • Arrange an earning source that has to be able to provide a regular income. We consider rental income, part-time job income as they are the regular source of a certain amount.
  • We usually do not consider freelance income because such sources of earnings are never consistent. In that case, you can wait until you get a new job or a regular source of earning.
  • For those with an alternative source of income after a job loss, the guarantor is also allowed on their wish if they want to borrow a larger amount that they cannot qualify for alone.

Getting a new one can seem to be a process with a lot of hassles. However, choosing the suitable options and the right lender can make the process easier. Our lending deals are available all across Ireland. From car finance in Dublin for good credit score applicants to bad credit car finance in Dublin, you find us everywhere. The speedy and straightforward application process ensures a less-time consuming borrowing journey and timely money transfer. Contact us or Apply now to see things happening to you and buy your car with less or no hassle.


Can I Get car finance for the unemployed in Ireland?

It depends on your financial circumstances. Usually, if the applicant has any other source of income, which is regular, he can apply for car finance. But you should know that an unemployed person may have to compromise on the fund amount. You may not get the desired amount of money.

How long do I need to wait for a car finance money transfer?

No matter what option you choose for car finance, you can always expect the money transfer in 42 hours. With strong repaying capacity, you can always find things working faster, including money transfers.

What is the benefit of taking car finance from you?

We ensure affordable deals, and when you repay them on time, you improve your credit rating. That is the best thing to happen to a poor credit score person.

How much can I borrow from car finance?

Your income-outgoing ratio is the decision-maker and also, the financial behaviour of the past 6 months are vital. Make sure you have paid all the bills and debts on time during this duration.

Can I get a car loan if I have just got a new job after unemployment?

Yes, you can, but individual conditions and future circumstances all matter to help us decide. But yes, you can always apply because we have lent to some of such applicants.