Unemployment is never a desirable situation, and money is the first need after a job loss. After using savings and taking help from friends and family, you may feel the need for some sort of support. In that case, loans for the unemployed can help you make a considerable difference in your financial conditions. We are the direct lenders of loans in Ireland for unemployed people with rational but customised deals. To make your borrowing journey more predictable, personalised pricing is our tool.

We further understand the importance of getting quick funding especially when an emergency crop up. Therefore, we feel happy to offer these loans as same day loans with no guarantor for unemployed.

What are unemployed loans?

Unemployed loans are the funds that one borrows for a variety of purposes after job loss. These are short-term loans, and one can either use them for any purpose. The cash loans for unemployed in Ireland are offered on individual circumstances and repaying capacity of the borrower

Money that one borrows needs to be repaid over a certain period along with specific interest. No upfront fee is applicable to approve the funds. A loan is an instalment debt that allows you to obtain a specific lump sum of funds.

One more thing when we offer these cash loans, you can easily expect benefits as we already offer on no guarantor loans in Ireland.

unemployed loans- fund transfer rules

Benefits of Unemployed loans in Ireland

Unemployed loans are known to be helpful to obtain additional money whenever there is a need. This can be useful every time as you can apply for the next loan within two months if your repayment history with us is good. There are several benefits you can experience with an unemployed loan. Some benefits you can count on your own, and some might be missed from your notice. Here is the list of the major ones that make most of our borrowers consider the loans.

  • No guarantor required – For any jobless person, it is almost impossible to find someone as a guarantor. In that case, instant loans for unemployed people with no guarantor seem to be a great option. It is a convenient way to attain financial respite in a tough time.
  • Consolidate high-interest debt- Multiple debts can be daunting during unemployment. If you have multiple credit cards or loans, it can sum up into a huge amount. With these loans, you can easily borrow money and repay multiple debts without any stress.
  • Predictable payment schedules- With this small loan, the repayment term and interest rate are fixed. Having such a set amount helps you to plan the finances easily. It is a better option than credit cards, where the revolving monthly payment increases due to the high rate.
  • Get help on the same day of money crisis – Once the funds are approved, the borrower gets money in his bank account. It is the reason that they are also known as fast loans for the unemployed in Ireland. They are very popular among jobless people, as they receive instant relief.
  • Flexible in use for any to many reasons- Flexibility is one of the best benefits that one can avail of with a personal loan. The loans for unemployed in Ireland can be used for anything. This lack of restriction gives freedom to the borrowers to use the money.
  • Help to build a credit score – The unemployed loans are available to poor credit people also. Keep your repayments on time, and it is sure to show a good impact on your credit score performance. However, the credit score may dip again if you do not pay the monthly instalments.
  • Borrow a larger sum of money than credit card - Credit cards come with a specific low monthly limit and very high interest rates. It can be challenging for you to use a credit card. Unemployed loans come to the rescue that can range from 1000 Euros to 10000 Euros.

What is required to get unemployed loans in Ireland?

Availing the loans in Ireland for the unemployed is an easy process that you can follow. But each can have a certain set of requirements depending upon the loan amount. Nowadays, you can easily apply online. There are certain requirements that you need to fulfil to get loans for the unemployed in Ireland.

  • An applicant should be a resident for at least 2 years.
  • He should be above 21 years old and less than 70.
  • He should have an alternative source of regular earning after job loss.
  • An applicant should have satisfactory financial behaviour in the past 6 months.
  • He should have an Ireland based bank account that can pay direct debits.

Tips to get a lower rate on unemployed loans in Ireland besides income factor

Personal loans for the unemployed come with a specific rate of interest. But you should know that it is different for everyone. Generally, we decide on the rate of interest on various factors. Here are a few tips for working on those factors and getting a lower interest rate. Do not forget that your chance to get a lower interest rate always depends on your personal finances. It is better to work on them to try some impracticable methods such as giving commission to a mediator. Such things never work.

  • Apply for an amount you can afford- When you apply for an amount that you can afford, it is easier for us to give a lower interest rate. If you want to borrow bigger despite a weaker financial condition, we can approve funds, but the interest rate can be a bit higher.
  • Maintaining a satisfactory repayment history -Maintaining a sensible repayment history can also help get a personal loan with the lowest interest rate. Make sure to pay the credit card bill as other debts on time. It is also important to pay other loans on time. This can help a borrower to negotiate with the lender for a better deal.
  • Look out for seasonal offers –We always offer something special to our borrowers. We come with seasonal offers for unemployed loans every year and also have festive offers most of the time. Make sure to compare these offers and choose the best deal for you.
  • Understand the interest calculation method- Sometimes, one ends up paying a higher amount of interest. Make sure to understand the calculation first before availing of the offer. We do not want you to keep any sort of confusion because we work for your financial well-being.
  • An appointment letter from the future employer- It is great, however optional if you have the appointment letter for your future job. It is easier for us, in that case, to offer a lower rate without breaking any lending rule. Lenders expect borrowers likely to have a stable repay capacity.
  • Employment and residential history - Residential and employment stability are considered the crucial factors in approving funds to a borrower. This can partly impact the interest rates as well. Hence we prefer to check the employment history of at least two years. Your financial stability and reputation also play a vital role.

An unemployed loan can be a great deal if one avails from the right lender and at the right interest rate. It is your right to get a suitable deal. We have the best deals on instant cash loans for the unemployed in Ireland with lower rates and bigger loan amounts. Contact us, and we can help you get through your financially challenging time. Simplify your circumstances with reliable financial support.


I am a freelancer after job loss. Can I apply for unemployed loans?

Yes, you can. If your income comes regularly, you can always apply for the loans for the unemployed in Ireland and borrow an amount you qualify for.

Can I get rejected? I have a regular income from a part-time job but have bad credit?

Despite poor credit and unemployment, you can get a loan. But if your record of past delayed and missed payments is regular, you may get rejected for funds.

I live in a remote area of Ireland. Can I apply?

There is no location bias, and you can apply from any location, whether it is a remote or rural location. We are direct lenders, and funds are available online.

How much can I borrow from unemployed loans?

You can borrow only the amount that you can qualify for through your repaying capacity. The minimum loan amount is €1000, and the maximum is €10,000.

I am insecure about approval decisions. What should I do?

If you have a regular earning source and you should get approval. Do not apply to many lenders at the same time that can cause multiple search footprints.