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WARNING: QuickIrishLoans never charges any additional fees for any loan that you have applied.

Best Deals on Short-term Funding with INSTANT Approval Decision

Your small needs of money for varied reasons are recurring in nature, and at QuickIrishLoans Ireland, we make sure that you receive a loan instantly. With no constraint on the purpose of borrowing, we lend funds for small financial needs through a variety of small loans in Ireland. Get money within 24 hours for all your tiny but significant requirements. Pay pending bills, treat medical emergencies, pay educational expenses, unplanned fund trips, make business expenses, in short, use funds for any purpose. We open the gates of simple solutions of finance for you and ensure your financial well-being.

Completely Digitised Procedure

We are online private money lenders in Ireland with 100% paperless procedures and no physical verification of address and workplace requirements. Online access to credit records of the applicants through credit reference agencies helps us offer thing comfort to the borrowers.

No time constraint to apply for funds. 24x7, 365 days, you can apply 24 hours loan ireland on any day, at any time, for any cause. An approval decision is guaranteed, and fund transfer takes place within the next 24 hours of the lending decision on the loan request. We can be the right option for you anywhere from money lenders in Dublin to Belfast. Our presence is ubiquitous in Ireland.

Completely Digitised Procedure

What short-term loans in Ireland do we offer?

We have loans for every need and also have loan products for generic personal financial needs. You should take a look to end your search for genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland. The loans help you pick the right loan option and receive suitable money support at the right time. The procedure for all types of loans is the same, and the commitment to transfer funds in your bank account is also applicable in every loan type.


Quick loans

As some financial needs are urgent and leave no space to ask from friends or family, they can be managed with quick funds. You can also find this loan option with fast loans in Ireland, as our quick loans ensure fast funding to people in desperate need of money.

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Bad credit loans

Poor credit score is always frightening for borrowers, and they lose hope in loan approval but not with our bad credit loans. We check your latest repaying capacity and become your source of smooth finance in Ireland with customized application in your conditions.

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Small Loans

Are you finding it tough to come out from a financial emergency? Do you need a quick financial backup? We support you in this tricky situation. You can easily avail of our bespoke deals on small loans accessible with easier norms and no paperwork. The interest rates are relatively affordable.

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No Guarantor Loans

Why waste time in finding a loan guarantor when you can apply with no guarantor? Yes, our loans are free from such obligations and allow you to access instant funds. These are particularly beneficial for those with poor credit issues, as they can expect easy approval.

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Car Finance

Are you going to book a new car this week? Are you struggling to match the actual car price? There is no nothing to worry about as QuickIrishLoans has personalised deals on car finance. You can have our deals despite having a bad credit score or going under the unemployment phase.

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Personal loans

This loan product does not need any introduction because it is already famous worldwide. For defined or anonymous personal financial requirements, you can attain funds. We are the experts of microfinance in Ireland in providing the lowest rate.

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How we make your experience special

  • Payment holiday available
  • Same day money transfer
  • Acceptance to bad credit
  • Funds for students to scholars
  • No upfront fee required
  • Personalised pricing assured
  • No questions on purpose
  • Acceptance rate 98%
  • Simple and speedy application

Features of a short-term loan available online in Ireland

The short-term loans for small, daily financial needs have some generic. If you know about them, the selection of the right choice of the loan becomes simpler. Unlike other loan agencies in Ireland, we try to make the deals more comfortable with a speedy process. You will get to know more about loans below and can also contact us in case of any doubt.

  • Quick and small application process

    A short-term loan can never have a lengthy procedure to apply. You submit the application form, receive approval decision and get funds in your bank account. The funding for daily, little needs aims to provide faster funds without delay. There is no space for long-lingering procedures.

  • Approval decision within 10 minutes

    You should know those online money lenders in Ireland instant lending decisions. The application result shows on your mobile or computer screen within 10 minutes of application submission. Get in touch with us, and by the time you complete a mobile game, the decision is there.

  • Extended repayment tenure

    If you are in a financial crisis and need to increase your term, we can do that. You need to inform us at the right time to get things done at the right time without any complication and hassle. It can help you get a smaller instalment, but we need to check your repaying capacity.

  • Multiple uses of borrowed funds

    It is perhaps the best feature of short-term loans available with all money lenders in Ireland. You never have the compulsion to borrow money for any particular reason because the borrowed funds can be used for any specific reason or cause. It gives limitless freedom.

  • No guarantor obligation included

    No back-up is required in case of a short-term loan. The borrower can get funds without any guarantor, even if he has a poor credit score. However, we also give the flexibility to a borrower to bring a guarantor if he fails to be eligible for a more significant loan amount without rejection..

  • Cheaper rates affordable repayments

    The rate of interest on every loan deal is low due to customisation, and similarly, repayment plans are affordable due to little size of monthly instalments. Tagged among the flexible online loan companies in Ireland, QuickIrishLoans Ireland lends on individual financial conditions.

QuickIrishLoans works day and night for its commitment to the financial well-being of the borrowers. For that, we are ready to work on the best possible deal suitable for your personal finances and repaying capacity. We have served up to 3 million fund seekers by now. We are moving fast towards new landmarks, and that is possible only when you trust us. Apply now and see things happening on your own. We can assure that your search for fast loans same day in Ireland ends here.


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