Car loans have become more popular nowadays due to the concerns like social distancing and safe driving. At QuickIrishLoans, we provide rationally affordable car loans in Ireland with customised deals. Small monthly instalments, low interest rates, simple and speedy processes all are assured traits of our car loan deals. You can get the funds faster with us if you can fulfil the most important condition of a strong repaying capacity.

With us, there is no restriction due to the lack of better credit score. We are determined to offer car loan for bad credit in Ireland but only on affordable deals. All applications are considered with soft credit check process.

What are car loans?

Car loans are the sum of money that a customer borrows to buy a car. Generally, it is referred to as the amount of money that is lent to the individual or an entity. Here the party that lends the loan is known as the lender, while the one who is borrowing is known as the borrower. Here a borrower agrees to pay back the full amount along with the interest while getting a loan by making monthly payments.

Generally, a car loan follows the same procedures and rules that apply to other types of loans. The best Car loans in Ireland come with a specific duration anywhere between 24 months to 60 months depending upon the loan amount. This loan includes a variety of fees as well as taxes that are added to the loan amount.

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Moreover, many borrowers while buying a car put a query called ‘where to get a loan in Ireland with bad credit’? Simply, direct lenders are the answers where flexible lending policy prevails. You can get loans based on your much improved recent financial commitments.

What Do I need to apply for car loans?

There are certain factors one needs to consider while applying for car loans. Not everyone can qualify for a car loan. Good credit can certainly help you get a loan, but one needs to consider other qualifying factors. Besides the factors that you work on, it is important to know about the total cost for our fast, advanced car loan calculator. We have an interest rate calculator, repayment calculator, loan tenure calculator.

  • Good Source of Income

    Auto lenders consider steady income as an essential factor since it improves the likelihood that one will make the monthly payment. Hence it is another important requirement that one should consider getting a car loan. One needs to provide one or more forms of documentation to show the income. You can borrow bigger in a car loan as they are cheaper than the options of hire purchase in Ireland.

  • Ability to prove identity and residence

    If you are getting a loan from the respective lender for the first time, you need to provide proof of identity and residence. Here, the lender wishes to know where the car will be parked, if there is any default in payment and if there is a need to repossess the car. If one cannot provide the required documents for this, it is difficult to get qualified for a car loan.

  • No multiple pending debts

    Yes, those with many debts in their credit history may indeed face some complications. With many loans and debts in your name, you have a smaller or suffocated creditworthiness. In most cases, people try to pay off some or all of their small pending debts to sound smoothly applicable for funds. It becomes even more important if you apply for a loan for a car with a bad credit situation.

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How to apply for car loans?

There are several types of options one can consider while applying for the funds. Before you read the application process, it is important to mention that it applies to the car loans in Ireland for bad credit people. Make sure you mention every detail accurately. If we find any hidden information at the time of online verification, you may not get the desired result on your loan application. Our loan approval rate is 99%.

What If I want a car loan with bad credit?

The car loans with bad credit score is a possible condition nowadays due to changed approach of the lending industry. You have now new-age online financial solutions that you can explore anytime according to your repaying capacity.


  • Repayment history of the last 6 months should be satisfied with no consistent incidents of delayed or missed payments.
  • We need to see your employment stability. Applicants should have spent at least 6 months with the current employer when they apply for loans.
  • In the case of a self-employed car loan applicant, the business accounts and records of the last one year are required with strong future circumstances.


  • On-demand of the borrower the no credit check car loans are available but for those with a good income source.
  • Customisation is applicable just like it is applicable in the case of good credit score people. We only need strong repaying capacity.
  • With small instalments, you can improve credit score performance within the first three repayment months if you pay the loan on time.

Features of Car loans

An applicant can enjoy various features while applying for the cheapest car loans in Ireland with us. Here are a few features of car loans that you should know because financial literacy is much more important to explore financial solutions in the right manner.

  • Variable rates start at 6.8% APR. The rate of interest is low, and it becomes lower after the loans get customised.
  • Avail loan amount between 2000 Euros to 40,000 Euros. We try to provide you maximum on your capacity.
  • The loan term ranges between 2 years to 5 years. Get the desired tenure with a flawless repayment history.
  • We can defer the first 3 months repayments depending upon your financial conditions to offer.
  • No need of holding savings against the loan as it is already secured by the vehicle you purchase.
  • No setup or early upfront fee is applicable. You apply free of cost and get money free of cost.
  • Less time consuming than car loans from Credit Union and bank car loans due to flexible policies.

What are used car loans?

You can get the hint that used car loans are the borrowing options for borrowers who do not want to buy a new car. These loans situations are different from the new car loans. But the rest of the features of customisation and flexible repayments are applicable here also. Besides this, you can also get used car loans in Ireland with bad credit.

  • A good used car can be bought with the help of used car loans. Generally, they come with attractive interest rates along with repayment tenure of up to 4 years.
  • The applicant needs to show proper documents received from the old owner. Approval decision depends on the condition and performance of the car in focus.
  • Most of the deals have used car loans up to 70% of the total car value. We provide up to 75% including the depreciation rates and insurance costs.

Most people prefer buying a used car with the help of used car loans. With us, you get the best car loans in Ireland without any guarantor required. One can easily borrow from 1000 Euros to 20,000 Euros underused car loans.

How to get used car loans?

The process is not much different from the new car loans. Yes, the performance, latest condition, and document availability are important factors that add to the picture. We arrange a quick inspection before the final approval decision.

  • Getting used car loans in Ireland is an easy process. The procedure is online. Hence one does not need to do any paperwork.
  • One needs to be at least 21 years old or a maximum of 64 years old while applying for a used car loan.
  • One needs to submit several documents online like recent pay-slips, proof of identification, and Car insurance details.

What is the difference between car loans and used car loans?

Every borrower should know how things work in both types of loans. You may change your plans. Those who are buying a new car may consider used car loans or vice versa. In short, to absorb your chance to get the best car loans, it is important to understand some basic things about them.

  • One can always have a question of choosing between a new car or a used car while availing the finance options. The procedure of finance may look the same for a new and used car. But there are a few things that keep these two apart.
  • In the case of a new car, the borrower can get up to 90 per cent of the cost of the car, while most of the lenders approve 80% of the value of the car in the case of used cars. Used cars always have a lower cover value due to the depreciation factor.
  • The tenure for new car loans ranges between 5 to 7 years, while borrowers get 4 to 5 years to repay the used car loans. However, as we mention always, the vehicle condition is very important and if the car is in a good situation, get a maximum of 5 years tenure.
  • The total outflow of cash increases in new car loans due to the insurance premium. In the case of used car finance, the cost of insurance gets reduced as the cost of the car is lesser than the new car.

Getting car finance is an easy process to follow if you have all things in place. Choosing between a new car or a used car finance option is an individual's choice depending upon the model of a car. Whether you are looking for car loans with a bad credit score in Ireland or a used car loan with a good credit score, we can find the solution for every sort of financial requirement.


Can I get a new repayment schedule during the tenure?

Of course, you can. If you face any money crisis and need to change the repayment schedule accordingly, we can help.

I got a promotion as well as increment, and I want to pay off my car loan early. Do you take any prepayment charges?

No, there is no such charger. You can always pay off your funds before the tenure ends. We do not charge any penalty for that.

What if I change my city during my car loan tenure?

It is not an issue. You need to update your new address with us because every borrower needs to do a legal and vital thing.

How can I get a lower rate of interest on bad credit car loans in Ireland?

You have the answer. Improve your credit score a bit before applying for funds, have a strong repaying capacity and get a lower rate. SIMPLE!

Do you have a branch in Bristol?

We have branches all over Ireland, and we can lend you anywhere because most of our procedures are online, and the car inspection process in case of used car loans can also be managed at your place.